4 Reasons Why Driven Is Unique

Did you know that there are nearly 20 different fitness studios in Arlington Heights alone?  With so many to choose from it’s important to find a fit that’s right for you and your goals.  To help you in this search I’ve complied a list of 4 Reasons Why Driven is so UNIQUE and SPECIAL….

1. Our Amazing Athletes!!:  Driven is EXCLUSIVE!! We don’t just take anybody. There are many other fitness studios in this world who will take anyone who waves a credit card in their face but we are different.  We protect Driven’s great energy and amazing atmosphere by only selecting the most positive and motivated individuals. Because of this we have the over 100 of BEST Athletes in the world who work hard everyday to motivate, support and inspire each other to be the very best versions of themselves.

Not only will you get education, motivation, and accountability from our coaches, but when you meet the other Athletes that form your “CREW” you will get all of that help from them as well!! They will rally behind you when you need support to give you that extra boost of motivation.  And it all comes from a place of LOVE and shows that they actually care about you!! Pretty Awesome!!

2. Our Fun, Uplifting and Super Positive Atmosphere:  When you are surrounded by an amazing group of people with similar goals in a fun and uplifting environment, you have no choice but to succeed!  When you come to Driven you are welcomed into our Driven Family on day 1!! At the end of each workout you will get a high five and a “Great Job!!” from your fellow athletes!! WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN!!

If you are a slacker, don’t work well with others, think it’s stupid to celebrate other people’s successes, have a bad attitude or do not have a SENSE OF HUMOR. please stay home or go elsewhere. Driven is a zero drama zone. When walking in it is required to leave the work drama, political views, religious beliefs, and all other negative opinions at the door!! What can we talk about then?!?.. ANYTHING ELSE!! We have adult conversations and say “bad words” once in awhile. Because of this (and some other things) WE DO NOT TRAIN KIDS!! Besides.. IF YOU ARE TALKING YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH 😉

3. Our SUPER PASSIONATE COACHES:   In this industry there are too many Personal Trainers who give us a BAD REP!! Many trainers are either “collecting a paycheck” or only training people because THEY, THEMSELVES love to workout and don’t understand the importance of this PROFESSION. When someone has a bad experience they may never find the help they need leading to a life of physical problems including illness, decreased quality of life or even death.

We go by the Title SUCCESS COACHES at Driven!! We take our jobs seriously as WE SAVES LIVES!!  How??  We help our Athletes make positive lifestyle changes when they stop living a life controlled by depression, anxiety, and self-doubt, and start LOVING THEMSELVES.  These changes help them become STRONGER, HEALTHIER, and HAPPIER and allow them to enjoy the quality of life they truly deserve.

We take great pride in helping our athletes achieve the results they desire or BETTER!! We teach that being strong, healthy, beautiful, and confident through healthy changes needs to become your LIFESTYLE!! We want to avoid the “quick fix” mindset and focus on living life to it’s fullest by FEELING and LOOKING AMAZING, FOREVER!!




Author: Marty Rinehart

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