About Us

At Driven Personal Training, we take PRIDE in being Fitness & Lifestyle Industry’s BEST Personal Training Studio in ALL OF CHICAGOLAND AREA!!!  We deliver the HIGHEST QUALITY of Mindset & Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training, and Nutritional Guidance & Education!! With over 100 of Arlington Heights’ and surrounding suburb’s MOST AWESOME-BADASS PEEPS, we have met or EXCEEDED nearly ALL of our Athletes GOALS!!!

No matter YOUR Specific Goals, we will create a REALISTIC & MANAGEABLE plan of action that will be  SAFE, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and CONDUCIVE to YOUR LIFESTYLE!!!

Throughout your transformation journey your PROGRESSION will be at the PERFECT PACE for successfully altering  the LIFESTYLE BEHAVIORS that are hindering YOUR GREATNESS!!! This advanced strategy will allow YOU to enjoy an incredible LIFE, BEAUTY, your SEXY BOD, OPTIMAL HEALTH, HAPPINESS, STRENGTH, and MANY OTHER SWEET BENEFITS for ALL of ETERNITY!!!

It is very important that our Athletes not only achieve Awesomeness, but learn how to SUSTAIN THEIR RESULTS for the rest of their lives!!!


Led by PASSIONATE – AF Owner, MARTY RINEHART, our DRIVEN TEAM has chosen to make a positive impact on this world!!! Our SUCCESS COACHES LOVE educating humans on WHAT they need to do to be SUPER SUCCESSFUL, HOW the mind & body must work in unison to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH, & WHY our Mindfully-Crafted Programs are the F-ING BEST at delivering KICK-BOOTY RESULTS!!!

We truly believe that taking a holistic approach at attacking your goals is the MOST EFFICIENT way; Hands-Diggity-Down!!! It all starts with the MIND. If you can Love & Accept Yourself, Commit to making Positive Lifestyle Changes, Visualize your Success, Practice being Mindful, Always TRY YOUR BEST & STAY DRIVEN… There is NOTHING that will stop you from Living the Beautiful Love-Filled Life YOU envision for yourself & DESERVE!!!


From your very first day in the DRIVEN FAMILY, YOU will feel very welcomed & at home!!! Driven is a very SAFE PLACE, FREE of ALL JUDGEMENT, with ONLY POSITIVE ENERGY & NO DRAMA, where Athletes of all different backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, and goals COME TOGETHER & STRIVE for the COMMON GOAL of EMPOWERING EACH INDIVIDUAL to become the BEST VERSIONS of THEMSELVES!!!

Everyone in OUR DRIVEN FAM will support you, encourage you, inspire you, and cheer you on as you Advance through your Health & Fitness Journey!!! Through your Struggles & Successes, you will know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. DRIVEN is UNITED and together WE have made a HUGE IMPACT on EACH OTHER & our surrounding community!!!

Fact 3: Surrounding yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE who share SIMILAR GOALS dramatically INCREASES your chances of being SUCCESSFUL!!!

In our FUN-LOVING Approach, we love to be humored and don’t take life too seriously BUT…  When you commit to Driven, We are 1000% SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS!!!

Our Athletes hire us for SPECIFIC RESULTS and it is our duty to do our absolute best to help them SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE or EXCEED their goals and expectations!!

We are not overpaid-cheerleaders, we are PROFESSIONALS who are DAMN GOOD at our jobs!!! We are here to Educate you, Motivate you, Keep you Accountable, and Capture your Engagement!!! Once we have your Engagement, Fitness & a Healthy Lifestyle will be part of your EVERYDAY LIFE!!!

WE WORK our ASSES OFF at DRIVEN (literally) & we HAVE A LOT OF FUN doing it!!!


We will not shy away from hard conversations that will truly challenge you past your comfort zone and allow you to experience much PERSONAL GROWTH & ENLIGHTENMENT!!!

All we ask from YOU is to have POSITIVE ENERGY, SHOW UP, PUT IN WORK, & TRY YOUR BEST!!! You never have to be perfect at anything, but if you practice becoming better at everything that will make your life EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL, your RESULTS WILL FOLLOW!!!

Fact 4: If you truly WANT your success HALF as much as we do, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

Challenge 1: If you are thinking about committing to YOURSELF & DRIVEN…

                         I TRIPLE-DOG-DARE you to CALL or TEXT MARTY RIGHT MEOW!!!   

                        Marty’s Cell: 224-355-9903… It’ll be the BEST DECISION you will EVER MAKE!!!