About Us

At Driven, we strive to be the industry leader, achieving the best possible fitness results in the Chicagoland area, and we have an AWESOME time doing it!!

While we love to have fun while we sweat the fat away, we take our Athletes’ fitness goals and health VERY seriously.  If you’re looking for dramatic health and fitness transformation, you’ve come to the right place!!

We believe in loving yourself, committing to making positive changes to achieve the quality of life you deserve and the body you want, and always do your best!!

Being surrounded by an amazing group of people with similar goals, in a fun and uplifting environment, we have created an atmosphere that empowers our Athletes to become the absolute best versions of themselves. Not only will you be getting the motivation, encouragement, and accountability needed for successful from your Coaches, but you will receive the same support from your fellow athletes. It’s like a big family that supports one another and wants to see everyone happy and healthy!!

What does it take on your behalf?!?! COMMITTMENT!! We will give you the tools necessary to be successful. We will design a program that will be most efficient at achieving your individualized results, educate you on proper exercise form and technique, create a nutrition plan that makes sense for YOU, motivate the hell out of you (All positive encouragement of course; being yelled at or insulted really sucks, and we just don’t do that!), and make sure you get to the studio to work out/ twerk out when you are supposed to!! (We will bother you at the most inconvenient of times to get you back on track if you don’t show up to your scheduled sessions!!) And hugs of course!! Only if you want them!!

We get AWESOME results!! We don’t claim to be better or smarter than anyone else in the industry, we are very passionate and want to see our athletes achieve or succeed their goals!! WE LOVE OUR JOB!! (Whoever says that!?!) Because of this we show up to Driven with smiles on our faces and greet our Athletes by name and with a high five!! It sets the high energy and electrifying pace for the day.. and then…GREATNESS HAPPENS!!!