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My Story Unedited -Marty Rinehart

“Every Sinner has a Future, Every Saint has a Past”  – Oscar Wilde My Story –  Since I can remember… I have always had good work ethic; Today I have confidence that my work ethic is second to none. I have always cared about people and was respectful most of the time. I have always been […]


Nobody in this world wants you to succeed more than you do.  Well, at least that’s the truth for most people.  Or it should be for EVERYONE.  If not, you may want to recheck your priorities. What’s great is YOU get to define what success means to you.  Success can mean having a lot of […]

How Does Mindset Play a Role in Our Program?

When making any life change, your mindset and approach is key to your chances of success.  Here at Driven, we work with each athlete to help them embrace the Driven Mindset, which is… “Love Yourself, Make Positive Lifestyle Changes, Always Try your Best and.. STAY DRIVEN!!!” When you embrace the DRIVEN MINDSET you are far […]


4 Reasons Why Driven Is Unique

Did you know that there are nearly 20 different fitness studios in Arlington Heights alone?  With so many to choose from it’s important to find a fit that’s right for you and your goals.  To help you in this search I’ve complied a list of 4 Reasons Why Driven is so UNIQUE and SPECIAL…. 1. […]