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Hit a Plateau Running?

I talk to so many people who are super frustrated that despite spending hours at the gym they are not seeing results.  “What do you do when you go to the gym?” I ask.  95% of the time the answer is running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical.

But wait….weren’t we all raised to think that cardio is the best way to burns calories? That the end all be all of physical fitness was being able to run a marathon?

I know I was. I’ve tried to be a runner my whole life. I would start a new running routine and stick with it for a few weeks but would eventually quit, much like many of you.

Why?  Because I didn’t see results and I hated it.

Then I met Marty.

I was so worried that this new personal trainer boyfriend was going to make me run….I was dreading it. I just assumed running was part of every fit person’s routine.

“You’re going to make me run aren’t you…?” I asked Marty. I was shocked at his answer.

“No. If you are looking to burn fat, running is far from your best option. I never run.”

SCORE!!!!! I can lose weight and never run? Deal.

I came to learn that the problem with running and the elliptical is that you will see results in the beginning. Your body is getting used to a new routine, and instead of sitting on the couch and living a lifestyle of being sedentary you are now doing physical activity, which is hard for your body.

Just think about it you are literally doing the very same movement over and over and over again. Eventually your body will get used to this repetitive movement and it won’t be working as hard, which is why many people quickly hit a plateau.

So what should you do?

Combine strength training with a shorter period of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

When you combine strength training with HIIT you burn the same amount of calories within 15-20 minutes that you would burn in a hour run. The best part is after you finish your strength training workout your metabolism increases for the next 24-36 hours. This is because a good strength training session causes stress to your muscles and the muscle fibers to tear. The following 24-36 hours afterwards, your body burns calories from fat in order to repair the muscles making them stronger and more lean.

That doesn’t happen with a cardio movement like running or the elliptical. Once your heart rate returns to normal your body is done burning calories.

So if you want to kick start your metabolism, step away from the treadmill and pick up those weights!!!

Happy Lifting!


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