How A Working Mom Lost 30 Lbs And Reclaimed Her Life

I’m 45 years old, a mother, wife and I work full-time.  I’ve been a member of Driven VIP’s for 11 months and I’ve been working out an average of 4-5 days a week since joining.   

My Driven experience has been nothing short of AMAZING! The workouts are challenging but completely manageable. Our trainers are knowledgeable, supportive and patient.  And my Driven peers are some of the most inspiring and supportive people I’ve ever met.  

I have achieved unimaginable results with the help of Driven Personal Training and Fitness Education and I’m having fun while doing it!  


What was your life like prior to starting Driven VIP?

Prior to joining Driven VIP I experienced a lot of fatigue, I had poor eating habits, and I struggled with simple physical tasks such as bending, lifting reaching etc. due to joint stiffness. I was gaining weight at a rapid rate and very disappointed every time I looked in the mirror.  

What made you decide to get started?

I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle for the better but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I literally walked by the Driven gym (while grabbing fast food a couple doors down) and I instantly knew that I needed to be here.  I saw a small group of people all shapes, sizes and ages working out in a non-intimidating setting (no crazy machines). These people were sweating but they were still smiling and having fun doing it. I walked in, made an appointment and here I am 11 months later. It was just meant to be.

What were you most skeptical of?

My one and only concern was failure.  I was so out of shape and afraid that I couldn’t keep up or follow through with the exercises.  I quickly found out that failure is not an option at Driven.  The Driven team monitors all of its athletes closely and modifies any exercise to make sure you are safely capable of achieving results at your own pace.

What results have made you most proud?

I have achieved 30+pounds in weight loss, 10+ lost inches, and I’m down 6 dress sizes. My body fat is in a normal range.  I have tone and definition in my body. I have increased energy, strength & flexibility.  Plus I have a brand new wardrobe!   

What advice would you give to someone considering starting Driven VIP?

Think about committing 3-5 hours a week to working out and also making small modifications to your eating habit’s on a weekly/monthly basis.  These two lifestyle changes have paid off big for me and I can’t imagine living my life any other way now.  If you can manage a couple simple changes to your daily routine then you are a perfect candidate for Driven.