Excuses vs. Limitations

I’ve been thinking a lot about excuses this week. As trainers we hear them often. From the outside they are pretty easy to spot. You might recall a few times you have tried to give a friend advice. A dead giveaway is the phrase “Yeah, but….”. Listen closely, the next sentence is your excuse.

While it’s easy to spot other’s excuses, turning the focus inward may prove more difficult.

When you boil it down it’s pretty simple. If you want something bad enough nothing will stand in your way.


Because there really is no thing as a “valid excuse”. Excuses are just limitations that you are unwilling to overcome.

So what’s the difference between Limitations and Excuses?

A limitation is an obstacle in life. Everyone has them yet many people still achieve success despite some huge obstacles.

An excuse is a poor attempt to use a limitation to justify the fact that you have given up on your goal.

When faced with limitations it can be easy to use them as excuses to stop, but in order to reach our goals we must push through and find alternate pathways to success. The road to the finish line is never straight.

It actually looks a bit like this….

It would be easy to stop at that first dip in the road. But true success comes in perseverance and finding a way through no matter what.

You can always find a way to get around a limitation if you look hard enough. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO KEEP FIGHTING!!! Dig your nails into that wall and climb up to your success.

So ditch your excuses and start taking life by the horns. Get serious with yourself and figure out what you really want in life.

Do you want to feel better and increase your energy?
Do you want to lose weight you’ve been holding onto for years?
Do you want to gain strength and power?
Are you sick of being a slave to cravings?

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Stay Driven!!


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