Meet the Coaches


Fueled by my PASSION to help people live the amazing lives that they truly LOVE & deserve, my #1 career goal is to make a massive POSITIVE IMPACT on the Earth-Mates that YOU & I share this beautiful planet with!!!

I have been a competitive Athlete my entire life!!!  In my recent years, my 31-year-old knees, which have taken ample abuse from a shit-ton of sports, the U.S Military, and being a reckless young boy, can no longer handle the intense speed, impact, and quick changes in direction from the glory days of yesteryear. (Sad, I know!!!)

The only competition that I live for now is the INTERNAL RIVALRY I created with myself. (…And ANY board game you bring over on game night)

Now, I focus my competitive energy on the BadASS-Bearded-BEAST /Gentle-Giant with Beautiful Blue Eyes who looks back at me in the mirror; which has been a remarkable, game-changing paradigm shift in my life!!!

I strive to be the BEST version of ME every DAMN day of my life!!!

Inspiring to be better than the version of ME from yesterday has been an exciting challenge that I joyfully accept every morning!!!  This lifestyle-strategy has allowed me to experience GREAT SUCCESSES in my LIFE and in my wonderful coaching career!!

With my boyish-charm & tender smile, I try not to take life too seriously!!! However, I am very serious about my Athletes’ RESULTS!!! When you hire me to help you achieve specific results that will make your life better, I commit 100% of my energy to ensure your success!!!

My never-satisfied-thirst for knowledge paired with my hunger for success keeps me DRIVEN to pursue PERSONAL-GROWTH & ENLIGHTENMENT every DAY!!!  

I am very damn good at what I do, I LOVE WHAT I DO, I have made a BIG IMPACT on MANY of my Athletes’ LIVES, and the best part… I’m having so much DAMN FUN on this journey!!

FACT 1 – You & I will enjoy a SUPER POSITIVE Coach-Athlete-Relationship, PERIOD!!!

FACT 2 – With decades of knowledge, experience, success, and superior coaching & mentoring from the MOST influential authorities in the fitness industry, I have carefully crafted DRIVEN PERSONAL TRAINING, only including the BEST OF EVERYTHING!!!  


  • The MOST safe, effective & advanced EXERCISE programs OF ALL TIME!!!
  • The MOST innovative & empowering MINDSET insights EVER INVENTED!!!

The MOST current & creative NUTRITION concepts IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!


I am an ACE Certified Personal Training and a Registered Yoga Teacher, and am on a mission to be better than my day before!

My mission began when I quit drinking in 2012. This decision had a positive domino effect on my life – it kick-started my desire to live life to its fullest, and to push my potential past any limits. This boundless, new energy for life led me into the doors of this very studio, called Rush Performance at the time, to lift my very first barbell – and the rest is her-story! It was as a client that I found my love for all that is fitness, which lead me to be the Coach I am today!

Fun Fact – AJ Rivera, our very own Marty’s mentor, is also the person who encouraged me to replace my self-doubt with a “why not me?” attitude of empowerment, and to get certified as a personal trainer!

My journey has taken me from a size 12 to a size 4. But beyond the sizes, throughout my journey I have developed healthier lifestyle habits that have been crucial to my success story. This experience has allowed me – and DRIVES ME – to help others seeking similar transformations!

In addition to being a fitness fanatic, I am also a music freak who is part hippie and part headbanger! I am super big on family, I am madly in love with my husband (who is also my best friend), and I am a dog person. But without a doubt, my most important role is as Aunt Jeni – never saying no, serving ice cream for breakfast, and most importantly, living a life that shows my kiddos how to paint their own rainbows

Also – big brag I am the only adult in my family who has a forever seat at the kids’ table!