When Is Enough Enough???

A few days ago I talked to a lady who was complaining about her health. She said she needed to start a fitness routine because…

  • She was the heaviest she’s ever been.
  • She felt horrible.
  • She will have to go on cholesterol medication in 8 weeks if something doesn’t change.

But still….she wasn’t actually committed to making a change.

When I talked with her she immediately followed each of those very valid reasons with a problem that prevented her from making a change.

  • She’s tired and doesn’t want to get up early
  • Her kids keep her busy
  • She’s on a budget

As I tried to explain solutions to these VERY common problems I realized they weren’t problems she was interested in solving. They were excuses keeping her from happiness.

I wondered in my head…. “WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?”

Your doctor tells you to make a change, you feel horrible, the scale is at it’s highest. What else would we have to add to this list before it’s enough to make a change?

That answer is different for each person and it’s one I could not answer for her. True motivation comes from within. It’s an innate desire to change your circumstances and improve your life for you and you alone.

There comes a point in your life when you say “I’VE HAD ENOUGH. It’s time to change. I deserve better.”

So….I’ll ask you….are you ready to change your life? Have you had enough?

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Remember, the hardest part is starting. Once you make the decision to change you’re already halfway there!!

Stay Driven,


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