Why is Nutrition So Vital for FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION goals?

A quote that I have been using over and over again for 10 plus years is..“YOU CANNOT OUT EXERCISE IMPROPER NUTRITION”

Nutrition is said to be about 80% of your fat loss goals.  It is the leading factor to whether or not you will achieve incredible fat loss and see a shift in your composition that will allow you to enjoy a strong, lean, and healthy looking body that is free of unwanted fat!! And who doesn’t want that?

It all starts with finding the right nutrition plan that will work for you. Many people make the mistake of aiming for perfection right off the bat.  Too often we hear stories of men and women who get stuck in a cycle of yo-yo diets and end up gaining back all, if not more, weight in the end.  Instead of going from horrible habits to perfection overnight, it’s best to create a plan that includes a handful of small, manageable changes.  This helps increase the chances of creating concrete lifestyle changes that last for years.

Your nutrition should be structured with the intent to have your body start promoting fat loss instead of fat storage while maintaining muscle growth.  A plan should consist of good quality whole foods that will give your body the right fuel and nutrients it needs.

Meal planning and preparation has helped many people (including myself) be prepared to take on the week with a structured plan for success.  This means having the right ingredients on hand!!  Without shopping and making sure you are loaded with all the foods you need for your snacks and meals this will never work!!

Another good practice I recommend is allow your body to heal and release water bloat by avoiding the foods that contribute to systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation is chronic inflammation throughout your body that is caused by the crappy foods we put into our bodies. This inflammatory response is known to cause weight gain, drowsiness, skin problems, digestive issues, and is a host of diseases like diabetes, obesity and cancer. Foods to avoid are sugar, gluten and refined flours, dairy, artificial sweeteners and additives, saturated fat, and processed junk.

Most importantly, these changes do not have to be complicated or feel overwhelming.  We’ve helped hundreds of people make sustainable changes that lead to amazing results.  With a little education, support and accountability, real changes are very much within your reach!


Author: Marty Rinehart

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